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Demand Flow Technology

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Manufacturing Foundation

Demand Flow (Pull) vs Scheduling (Push)

There are only two fundamental foundations under the manufacturing enterprise. One is the Flow Manufacturing (pull) methodology and the other is the schedule-based batch (push) methodology. Either can be make-to-stock or make-to-order, high volume or low volume, high tech or low tech, process or discrete production; it doesn’t matter. Neither industry nor volume should be a deciding factor in the transition from push to pull.

Schedule-Based (Push) Manufacturing

In this methodology, production is controlled by a computer schedule. Quantities of fabricated parts or sub-assemblies are scheduled and completed based on their consuming (higher-level) products start date.  Production is tracked and controlled by the MRP/ERP systems and design tools developed for the 1960’s.  Production thru-put is based upon the scheduling lead time and measured in term of days, and days into weeks.  Scheduling is common in America and Europe and it is batch quantity production.  Single digit inventory turn-over is common in ERP scheduling.

Demand Flow (Pull) Manufacturing 

In this methodology, production is designed using flow technology, DFT (Demand Flow Technology).  It takes production and material pull systems to a mathematical foundation which can be applied to any industry or volume.  Production operations are balanced together into a mixed-model pull process.  Quality is designed into each step and external inspection is greatly reduced or eliminated.  Fabricated parts or assemblies are pulled into production as their consuming part or assembly requires them. Products go through the Flow process in minutes and hours of work content time, instead of the days and weeks it takes using the scheduling (push) methodology.  Material is pulled internally to the plant and expanded to the supply chain.  The ERP system is used to forecast long term supplier requirement with flexibility pull triggers in a short time period.  The outdated ERP system is unnecessary in the production execution and there is no direct tie between the Demand-Driven Flow production and the supply chain forecasts.  Double digit inventory turns are common and expected.

Demand Flow Manufacturing is common in Japan and initially popularized by Toyota.  Demand Flow manufacturing and DFT are often referred to as Any-Model, Any-Volume, Any-Day and single piece Flow because of the capability to build to Demand without a schedule or massive inventories.

Results Consistent with the Manufacturing Methodology

The Demand Flow manufacturing company is pull based and Demand Driven. They are more responsive and require less working capital to support production and finished goods. DFT is not an inventory reduction program; it is a technology that requires less inventory.

After decades of philosophical theories as to why Flow Manufacturers have better quality, higher inventory turns and increased employee productivity, it is time to come to reality: Flow manufacturing is simply a more competitive foundation than schedule-based manufacturing!

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Implementation Path

Pull Based Production & Material 
  • Technology & Tools
  • Implementation Path
  • Demand Driven
  • Any Model Any Day
  • No ERP Scheduling
  • Zero Working Capital
  • Flow Based Costing
 Push Based
Scheduling & Material
  • Theory & Philosophy
  • Evolving Waste Focus
  • Forecast Driven
  • Scheduled Production
  • ERP Work Orders
  • Massive Finished Goods
  • Labor Based Costing

Global Leader in Flow Manufacturing

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The Flow manufacturing foundation is built on a responsive Flow production pull process with in-process quality designed into every operation.   Material is pulled into production as well as from the supply chain and ALL SCHEDULING is eliminated.

Demand Flow Technology is a revolutionary business strategy that allows manufacturers to adjust product volume and mix every day in the direction of actual sales.

The Strategic business advantages of DFT force engineering towards process design to improve their speed-to-market by bringing new products to market ahead of the competition as well as meeting customer demand.  

DFT will strategically maximize manufacturing and financial assets. 

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Responsible for Certification and Doubling Inventory Turns of Over 140 Companies

"Among the men & women who have helped U.S. manufacturing return to world preeminence, John Costanza, stands out like a lighthouse".

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DFT is a Quantum Leap Beyond ERP Scheduling



  • Company-Wide

  • Technology Based

  • Any Model-Any Day

  • Sequence of Event Base

  • Philosophical/Evolving

  • Eliminate Scheduling

  • Tools for Kanban Design

  • Eliminate Work Orders

  • Labor Focused

  • Demand Driven

  • Designed-In-Process TQC

  • Total Quality Op. Sheets

  • Flexible Workforce

  • Flow Based Costing

  • Total Business Strategy

  • Driven by Actual Demand

  • Driven by Forecasts

  • Zero Working Capital

Responsible for Certification and Doubling Inventory Turns of Over 140 Companies!

Single Diamond DFT Doctoral Degree

Double Diamond

Doubled Inventory Turns

Multiple Plants

Doubling Inventory Turns

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