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Flow Manufacturing

DFT Manufacturing Is The Technology Foundation Under Flow and Pull Production. Flow Is Designed With Pull Production And Pull Supply Chains That Replace The Outdated and Non-Competitive Tools of Schedule /Batch Manufacturing. Flow Manufacturing Is The Essential Business Strategy for Demand-Driven Manufacturing, With High Inventory Turn-Over and The Elimination Of Unnecessary Working Capital. Flow Manufacturing Is The Critical First Element For The Competitive Global Corporation.

JCIT2 Is The Global Leader in Flow Manufacturing Education & Implementation.  Flow & Pull Manufacturing is the First Step in Any Demand Flow, Lean-Six Sigma Transformation.  JCIT2 Offers Digital & On-Site Leadership

Global Leader in Flow Manufacturing

Nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics,

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Manufacturing Practitioner With 40 Years of Flow Experience

John R. Costanza

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The Flow manufacturing foundation is built on a responsive Flow production pull process with in-process quality designed into every operation.   Material is pulled into production as well as from the supply chain and ALL SCHEDULING is eliminated.

Demand Flow Technology is a revolutionary business strategy that allows manufacturers to adjust product volume and mix every day in the direction of actual sales.

The Strategic business advantages of DFT force engineering towards process design to improve their speed-to-market by bringing new products to market ahead of the competition as well as meeting customer demand.  

DFT will strategically maximize manufacturing and financial assets. 

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Flow Manufacturing Training

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DFT Line Live

Implementation Path

DFT Certification and Diamond Doctor Degree

Single Diamond DFT Doctoral Degree

Double Diamond

Doubled Inventory Turns

Multiple Plants

Doubling Inventory Turns

Why We Are The Best

With DFT Implementations Around The World, JCIT2 Is The ONLY Company With Published Results For Taking Hundreds Of Companies From Single Digit To Double Digit Inventory Turns Beyond 20

Manufacturing Methodologies

What Is The Difference?

With a focus on Flow Production productivity...

DFT Takes Flow Manufacturing and the TPS to a mathematical...

Any successful Lean Enterprise is based upon a Flow...

"Among the men & women who have helped U.S. manufacturing return to world preeminence, John Costanza, stands out like a lighthouse".

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Demand Flow Technology, Presented by John R. Costanza

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