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Flow Manufacturing Is The Essential Foundation For Demand Driven, Pull Production, With In-Process, PPM Quality.
Critical for 
Competitive Manufacturing Excellence


The Quantum Leap introduced the tools and technology of DFT. 

Disruption, details the technology of Mixed Model Flow and defines the   implementation path.

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Recognized Leader in Flow Manufacturing.

Patented Author and Creator of DFT

Flow Manufacturing

Flow Manufacturing Is The Foundation Under Any Pull Production, Such As Demand Flow Technology (DFT), The Toyota Production System (TPS), And Single Piece Flow Manufacturing. Flow Is Designed With Pull Production And Pull Supply Chains. This Replaces The Outdated And Non-Competitive ERP Tools Of Schedule /Batch Manufacturing. Demand Flow Manufacturing Is The Essential Business Strategy For Demand-Driven Manufacturing. It Features In-Process PPM Quality, High Inventory Turn-Over, The Elimination Of Unnecessary Working Capital, and the Most Productive and Flexible Workforce. Flow Manufacturing Is The Critically Essential Element For The Competitive Global Corporation.

Demand Flow Vs Batch/Scheduling & Lean

  • Single Piece Flow

  • Demand Driven

  • In-Process Quality PPM

  • Foundation For: Any Model-Any Volume-Any Day

  • Bottom Line Impact $$$M

  • ERP Batch Quantity

  • Forecast Driven

  • External Inspection

  • Foundation For High FGI & Low Turn-Over

  • Lean Minimal ¢¢¢ Impact

DFT - The Complete Flow Manufacturing Solution


DFT Workshops
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DFT Live
Implementations & Exclusive Events 

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Decades of DFT Experience

Presented by John R. Costanza
Patented Creator of DFT, Practitioner, Author & Leader

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Nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics,
 Fortune Magazine's Heroes of Manufacturing,
Leader to Over 140 Triple Diamond Certifications
Odyssey of The Mind, Creativity Peron of The Year
Multiple Halls of Fame, And 40 Years of Flow Experience

With DFT Implementations Around The World, JCIT2 Is The ONLY Company With Published Results For Taking Hundreds Of Companies From Single Digit To Double Digit Inventory Turns Beyond 20

Results From Technology & Tools VS. Lean Theory

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"As Featured"

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Demand Flow /DFT (Pull) VS. Batch Scheduling/Lean (Push)


Flow Manufacturing Video Library

DFT Manufacturing Is The Technology Foundation Under Flow and Pull Production. Flow Is Designed With Pull Production And Pull Supply Chains That Replace The Outdated and Non-Competitive Tools of Schedule /Batch Manufacturing. Flow Manufacturing Is The Essential Business Strategy for Demand-Driven Manufacturing, With High Inventory Turn-Over and The Elimination Of Unnecessary Working Capital. Flow Manufacturing Is The Critical First Element For The Competitive Global Corporation.

DFT Technology Vs. Waste Elimination/Lean
  • Process Definition
  • SOE Non-Value Identified and Eliminated
  • Line & Feeder Capacity Calculated
  • Process TAKT Design
  • In-Process PPM Design
  • Line Design & Balance
  • Kanban Design & Flex Team
  • Demand Based Management
  • Any-Model, Any-Volume, Any-Day
  • Process Perfection Kaizen
  • Value Stream
  • Identify Non-Value
  • Determine Waste
  • Catalog Waste
  • MUDA (Waste) MURI (Strain) MURA (Discrepancy)
  • Problem Solve
  • Train-Bake Pizza
  • Hope it Evolves to Flow
  • Excuse for No Results
  • Need Continuous Consultants - More Time and More Money

Executive Presentation

Digital or In Person

A great opportunity to bring together top management and Board
Members to get their questions answered.


Improve Customer Response, Reduce Working Capital, Increase Inventory Turnover, Improve Productivity and In-Process PPM Quality


Jack Welch, GE

"DFT is an absolute business discipline, and for every one of us-from the factory floor to the office-it is another way to simplify the business...to put order into everything you do."


Fortune Magazine

"Among the men & women who have helped U.S. manufacturing return to world preeminence, John Costanza stands out like a lighthouse."


Emmanuel Kampouris,

Demand Flow Technology is the foundation of our success. It has evolved from a business strategy to a core competency of our company."

Disruption of Mediocracy

  • The Ultimate Textbook for not Only Detailing Demand Flow Technology, but also the Step-By-Step Guide on How to Implement DFT Worldwide.

  • Defines and Compares Today's Methodologies.

  • DFT Vs. Lean Philosophy.

  • Case Studies of DFT Implementations.

  • Text Book for all Flow Manufacturing Companies.

  • Defines Steps to Any-Model, Any-Volume, Any-Day.

  • Expands on the Quantum Leap to Address Advanced Mixed-Model Implementation Steps, Management Metrics, and Formal Computer Systems Beyond ERP/Lean Batch/Scheduling.

  • Saving Companies Billions.

The Quantum Leap

  • Introduced the World to Demand Flow Manufacturing and DFT.

  • Defined Demand Flow Technology.

  • Over 650,000 Copies Sold.

  • Started the Transformation from Theoretical Waste Elimination, Agile, Lean Theory of Constraints, ect. to the Technology Path that Yields Results - DFT.

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