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An Objective, by John R. Costanza

My objective is to provide the motivation, confidence and tools for companies to make the transition from scheduling (push) to the more competitive Demand pull and Flow manufacturing excellence. The DFT benefits are impressive for employees, as well as shareholders. From a happier and more involved workforce, to a financially impressive management team that leads without unnecessary working capital.

DFT is a revolution in Flow design and a never-ending evolution toward Process Perfection. Once the tools and technology of DFT are understood and implemented, competitive leadership will follow.

An Introduction...

Over the past decade, I have seen companies lose their drive and passion for manufacturing excellence and settle for mediocre performance. At the same time, they pursue philosophical and feel-good theories that have a minimal impact to the bottom line or the company’s competitiveness.

6151 Lake Osprey Drive, Suite 300, Sarasota FL 34240

Demand Flow Technology, Presented by John R. Costanza

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