Company - Wide Training Curriculum


DFT Training Workshops are designed for all organizations in the manufacturing company, from top management to all employees in manufacturing, engineering, planning, marketing, finance, accounting, facilities and employee relations.  DFT is in fact, a complete business strategy.  Our products allow companies to easily tailor training toward certain departments.
Workshops expand the DFT format Mr. Costanza had originally created for his 4-Day DFT Business Strategy public workshops (Over 84,000 graduates).  Digital workshops have expanded topics that could only be taught from the knowledge and experience of Mr. Costanza.  Like the original 4-Day Workshop, each digital session has a follow-up quiz and an introduction to your own "hands-on" DFT labs.  
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Private Workshops

Starting at $2,185 per student

Private workshops are offered weekly and presented by a certified DFT instructor, or Mr. Costanza himself. Live workshops are presented at client training sites, at their convenience.  All business strategy workshops include “live” workshop labs to enforce the highest level of information retention.

This program allows you to consistently train current and future employees…across multiple organizations, plants, and varying countries. These workshops are the ultimate training experience and eliminate the continuous consultant fees by creating your own DFT Center of Excellence.


digital training

Starting at $2,185 per student

The DFT Digital Training Sessions are broken into chapters to allow the Training Manager flexibility to conduct focused presentations.  After the Business Strategy Workshop, focused group training can easily be arranged for:  Flow-Based Costing for Management teams, Bill of Material and Kanban Backflush training, Demand-Based Sequencing, Marketing, etc.  The DFT Corporate Training Product is designed with your flexibility in mind.

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own the training

Starting at $25 per student

Explore DFT and learn how to accomplish your specific goals. The cost savings of transitioning to Flow far outweigh the initial investment.

Consistently train current and future employees across multiple plants, organizations, and countries at their convenience.

Digital DFT Online Training Is Now Available

2020 Has encouraged change and JCIT2 has accepted the new challenges presented.  We have seen extreme popularity in our online training programs.  Each online workshop includes the two labs, chapter reviews, Q&A with a digital DFT Instructor, as well as all the material presented below in our private classes.  We currently offer three online certification workshops:​

  • The Complete Business Strategy

  • DFT Line Design Excellence

  • Supply Chain and Kanban

Instructors are available for Q & A or they can attend the entire workshop with the students. 

Avoid Travel and Instead

Train More Students

JCIT 2 Private Class

Workshops Include:

  • Mr. Costanza’s Latest Book, “Disruption of Mediocracy in Manufacturing”

  • Access to the DFT Computer App for all Lab Calculations

  • Student Workbooks

  • DFT Business Strategy, Design the Flow Process & Total Quality

  • DFT Certification, with the Completion of Each Session Review

​Private classes are offered weekly and presented by a certified DFT instructor, or Mr. Costanza himself.  Workshops are presented at client training sites, at their convenience.

There is a minimum number of students required for the DFT Live Lab to be successful.

JCIT 2 Corporate License

Train Your Team at Their Convenience

  Digital and On-Site Consulting Available

Own the DFT Line Design Lab

  • Replay Chapters of Focus

  • JCIT 2 Master Training Guide

  • Customize DFT Training Based Upon the Audience

  • Digital and On-Site Support

  • Own the DFT Calculator

  • Train Your Team With Your Own DFT Live Lab

  • Student Workbooks

  • Workshop Lab Exercises and End of Session Reviews

​This program allows you to consistently train current and future employees…across multiple organizations, plants, and varying countries.  The aim is to eliminate continuous consultant fees and to instead create your own DFT Center of Excellence.

The DFT Training Sessions are broken into chapters to allow the Training Manager flexibility to conduct focused presentations.  After the Business Strategy Workshop, focused group training can easily be arranged for: Flow-Based Costing for Accounting and Management teams, Bill of Material and Backflush training for Engineering and Finance, Demand-Based Planning for Marketing and Planning, Introduction and Overview for Top Management, etc.  The DFT Corporate Training Product is designed with your flexibility in mind.

JCIT 2 Executive Overview

Manufacturing Exellence

The 1-Day Executive Overview is presented in Sarasota Florida.  An Executive Overview may be presented to one single executive or an entire team, for the same cost.  Mr. Costanza may be requested for the overview and enjoys the opportunity, pending his availability. 

Topics Introduced:

  • The Business Strategy Product Synopsis

  • DFT Line Labs

  • Disruption of Mediocracy

  • The DFT Calculator Application

  • Training Chapter Exercises

Meeting with a DFT instructor, or Mr. Costanza, allows an open dialogue to discuss company goals and questions.  We hope to understand where you are, and where the potential is.  The days is yours to explore DFT and learn how to accomplish zero working capital, increase inventory turns, increase quality, and Dominate Your Market!

Web Based, Professionally Produced and Animated

Corporate Training Workshops 

There is no longer a need for continuous consultation fees or traveling expenses.  

There is no longer a need to focus all attention on a lean philosophy - Design your process the right way the first time!

DFT Training Factory Workshop


Demand Flow Technology


•DFT Business Strategy

•Eliminating (Push) Scheduling​

•Technology-DFT vs Philosophy-Lean

•Establishing Target Goals


•Eliminating Working Capital


•Designing the Flow Process

•Process Volume & Mixed-Models

•Sequence of Events Foundation

•Takt Process Targets & Index

•Visual Op Method Sheets & TQC


•Balance Index & Variation

•Line Design Efficiency Target

•Synchronized vs Paced Operations

•Process Perfection Line Design and Balance

•Total Product Cycle Time


•Kanban Design & Management

•Kanban Sizing & Valuation

•Bill of Material and Backflush

•Single, Dual Card & Non-Repeating

•Finished Goods Kanban

•Electronic Kanban


•Role for the Computer in DFT

•ERP Compatibility Requirements

•Simplify the ERP System with DFT


•Employee Training for Flexibility

•Flexible Workforce Reward Systems

•TQC and DFT Op Valuation


•Demand Without Schedules

•Daily Rate Planning & Linearity

•Flex Fence Design

•Order Smoothing & Total Demand

•Sales Order Sequencing


•Evaluation and Rating of Suppliers

•Supplier Forecasting/Flexibility

•Supplier Qualification & TQC

•Virtual Kanban and RIP Suppliers

•Supplier Chain Training


•Costing in a Flow Process

•Eliminating Labor Based Costing

•Establishing Cost Drivers

•Managing Variances


•Demand & Flow Rates

•Management Reporting Metrics

•Design vs Actual

•Team Management

•Line Efficiency

•Process Perfection

•Double Inventory Turns to Start

•Path Forward

DFT Flow Manufacturing
DFT Financial Management
ERP Flow Requirements & Evaluations
Management Metrix for Flow Manufacturing
DFT Master Training Guide
The Master Training Guide is Designed to Train Your DFT Training Manager.  It Includes our DFT Workshop Synopsis, Designing Your Internal Training Lab, the DFT Computer Application for all Calculations, and Workshop Lab Exercises.
DFT Student Workbooks
Student Workbooks Include an Outline for all Educational Material, Q&A for Session Reviews, and Lab Exercises.
Deand Flow Technology

Design a DFT Lab Production Factory

Demand Flow Technology
  • 1ST - Enforce the learning process
  • Design a DFT Flow Production Line
  • Develop a Kanban Pull System
  • Adjust Volume and Mix
  • Manage a Self-Directed Workforce
  • Design In-Process Quality


Model 3200

The complete production factory is now included and required for licensed sites.
Company-Wide Education Curriculum

The business-wide approach differentiates JCIT 2 from theoretical or philosophical education courses, seminars or consultants.  This powerful technology ties all organizations together with a consistent set of tools and techniques.


No other organization in the world can provide the caliber of DFT educational services as JCIT 2.  The educational series is directed to all organizations, from management, planning, marketing, production, engineering, quality, employee relations, materials and financial teams as well as the supply chain management.