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The Next Generation In Manufacturing & Management Excellence

JCIT 2 & Demand Flow Technology provide the tools to enable manufacturing companies to respond the fastest and most efficiently to the demands of their customers and the marketplace.


JCIT2 has been rapidly growing by delivering digital cinema products with "live" question and answering as well as digital consulting. With an impressive support team of the best in their fields, JCIT2 is again positioned as the leader in DFT training and consulting. No other company can come close to teaching the powerful DFT Business Strategy which far surpasses the philosophical Waste Elimination, Continuous Improvement, Lean, Agile....etc.


Our instructors have flexibility in the classes that they choose to present, either on-site or via video conferencing.  Presenting our 3-day Business Strategy Workshop is our top priority.  Additional requirements entail answering client questions and assisting with implementations.


Travel is required.  Most workshops are presented to clients online, but there are still requests for an on-site instructor to present training and walk the students through their DFT lab.


Experience with DFT, Flow Manufacturing, and DFT Implementations is REQUIRED.

Please note that location is not of importance, as we have world-wide opportunities available.

Join Team DFT as a Certified Instructor

We always welcome the support of new DFT Team Members.  ALL Team DFT Members MUST be passionate about sharing the successful tools and technology of DFT.

Qualified Applicants May Email Resumes to:

Consulting Referral Partners

Consulting Partners refer business to the JCIT 2 direct sales team and typically provide synergistic services related to Demand Flow Technology applications. They enjoy a primarily marketing-based relationship and work with our direct sales organization to identify potential JCIT 2 customers. Consulting Partners can earn referral commission or consulting rebates on behalf of their customers. Consulting Partners enjoy the benefit of being a registered member of Team DFT, but are not authorized to sell JCIT 2 products. This partnership does not receive customer ownership.

The Consulting Partner designation offers you a “referral fee” for bringing opportunities to JCIT 2. Consulting Partners assist with lead referral introductions and relationship development while JCIT 2 provides the expertise in our products and technology. JCIT 2 will compensate Consulting Partners for leads or referrals that result in a license agreement and sale between JCIT 2 and the customer. This is a partnership that benefits everyone.

If you are interested in learning more about JCIT 2, our solutions, and our winning business proposition for Consulting Referral Partners, contact us today. 

Team DFT Welcomes You!

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