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Train the Trainer Program, Now Offered in Sarasota

DFT Centers of Excellence: From JCIT2 to Client Internal Teams


This one-day, Train-the-Trainer Program details the responsibilities, duties, and objectives of the DFT Workshop Coordinator. The program teaches the coordinator how to conduct and manage training on the tools and techniques for the DFT Business Strategy. In the digital age of training, your internal DFT Instructor is already provided to you in the digital training. The coordinator’s goal is to manage the training and the DFT lab exercises successfully. They will arrange for questions and answers via video conferencing for any training session, with a JCIT2 representative or instructor. They may also schedule a JCIT2 instructor for on-site Business Strategy or Advanced DFT Workshops.

Responsibilities include:

· Organize DFT Training for Departmental Teams

· Coordinate all Digital or On-Site Training with JCIT2

· Set-Up and Manage Labs

· Ensure all Equipment is Ready and Tested Prior to Training

· Manage the Course Roster of Graduates by Department

· Coordinate Support Services Available from JCIT2

· Understand and Communicate Current DFT Program Status

JCIT2 Digital training is designed to transfer the DFT tools and techniques from the JCIT2 Instructor, to a client’s internal teams. Thanks to digital training there is a minimal need for continual consulting expenses. Clients can now consistently train their teams across the world today, and into the future.

We Are Here For YOUR Success!


 Workshop Hardware Requirements

 Video Conferencing Suggestions

 Security Measures

 Classroom Set-Up for Each Session

 Which Chapters are Suggested for What Departments

 Website Navigation & Membership


 The DFT Calculator

 Interactive Ques and Symbols in Training

 Lab Exercises, Q&A

 Varying Levels Required for Certification

 How to become DFT Diamond Certified

 Understanding JCIT2 Implementation Assistance Options

 Understanding JCIT2 Support Options

 Orchestrate the DFT Training Kick-Off


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