The Next Generation of Manufacturing Education

JCIT 2 Offers company licensed Demand Flow Technology Training that is available

​upon demand with ​real time Q & A, training material, and the option of on-site

​support. Our DFT Calculator will be provided for all workshop calculations, students will receive certification by completing end of Session exercises and designing their own DFT line, using JCIT2 Model 3200.


The idea of traveling to educational facilities for training is out dated. The idea of being trained by surrogate instructors is no longer needed when your company can be trained by the creator of DFT, John Costanza.

Featured on ABC World New Tonight and in Fortune, Forbes and Industry Week Magazines. JCIT has signed CorporateTechnology Agreements with major corporations, including General Electric, Briggs & Stratton, General Motors, Unisys, Deere & Company,American Standard, Black & Decker, and Lennox. The successful implementation of Demand Flow Technology in these, as well as hundreds of other Fortune 500 companies is key to realizing the revolutionary effects of Demand Flow Technology.

Costanza promises that a product currently taking two weeks to produce now will take only 20 minutes, just ask some of JCIT's trainees, such as General Electric, American Standard, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Kodak. Adopting DFT cut manufacturing time from at least 30 days to three days or fewer for Mobile Tool International, which makes truck-mounted aerial lifts. "DFT has allowed us to produce a consistent product with higher quality (and) with running changes," President and CEO Van Walbridge says. JCIT cut manufacturing time from two weeks to two days at Rockwell Automation, and from seven weeks to five days at TRANE.

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Demand Flow Technology, Presented by John R. Costanza

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