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Demand Flow Technology

Presented by the Creator,

John R. Costanza

America's Leader In Flow Manufacturing

Education, Training, & Implementation

84,000 Students, 2,900 Companies, 51 Countries, Saving Companies Billions

Pull Based Production & Material 
  • Technology & Tools
  • Implementation Path
  • Demand Driven
  • Any Model Any Day
  • No ERP Scheduling
  • Zero Working Capital
  • Flow Based Costing

Technology & Business Strategy

 Push Based
Scheduling & Material
  • Theory & Philosophy
  • Evolving Waste Focus
  • Forecast Driven
  • Scheduled Production
  • ERP Work Orders
  • Massive Finished Goods
  • Labor Based Costing

Philosophy & Theory

Flow Manufacturing Excellence

Nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics,

 Odyssey of the Mind's-Innovation Person of the Year,

 Fortune Magazine's Hero's of Manufacturing,

Multiple Halls of Fame

John Costanza JCIT
The Quantum Leap DFT
Demand Flow Techology

The Flow manufacturing foundation is built on a responsive Flow production pull process with in-process quality designed into every operation. 


Material is pulled into production as well as from the supply chain and

ALL SCHEDULING is eliminated.

John R. Costanza

Over 650,000 Copies Sold

Over 84,000 Students in 51 Countries

Demand Flow Technology is a revolutionary business strategy that

allows manufacturers to adjust product volume and mix every day in the direction of actual sales. 

The Strategic business advantages of DFT force engineering towards process design to improve their speed-to-market by bringing new products to market ahead of the competition as well as meeting customer demand. 

DFT Will strategically maximize manufacturing and financial assets.  This strategy impacts all organizations in a company.

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DFT is a Quantum Leap Beyond ERP Scheduling


We Are Here for Your Success And

World Class Manufacturing Excellence

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