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Flow Manufacturing Excellence

Demand Flow Technology




  • Pull Production

  • Demand Driven

  • Eliminate Scheduling

  • In-Process Total Quality

  • Kanban Material Pull

  • Technology Design

  • Any-Model, Any-Volume Daily

  • Flow Process

  • Total Cost Leadership

  • Double-Digit Inventory Turns

  • PPM Quality

  • Eliminate Working Capital

Manufacturing Excellence vs. Mediocracy

With thousands of successful Demand Flow Technology (DFT) Implementations around the world, JCIT2 is the proven leader in demand-driven (pull) manufacturing with double-digit inventory turnover.  JCIT2 provides companies with the technology and tools to be globally competitive.  Far beyond the philosophical theory or waste elimination of Lean, Agile and ERP (push) scheduling.

Flow Manufacturing Excellence (DFT Pull)

The Flow manufacturing foundation is built on a responsive Flow production pull process with in-process quality designed into every operation.  Material is pulled into production as well as from the supply chain and all scheduling is eliminated. 


Double-digit inventory turns, and PPM quality will far offset cheaper offshore labor costs.  Strategically, the responsive flow manufacturer will make it harder for offshore companies to compete without massive and expensive finished goods.


Initially, the focus is on manufacturing. The design of the pull technology eliminates the need for tracking and production scheduling.  It will quickly expand to the pull supply chain, support organizations, and cost systems. 


Formal manufacturing systems are simplified to support the pull process as opposed to ERP push-based scheduling.  Demand production without scheduling simply turns off the outdated ERP complexity and leaves the material forecasting. 

Double Digit Inventory Turns

Kanban Material Pull

Demand Driven Flow Production

Technology Design & Implementation

Part PPM Quality at Every Operation

Any-Volume Any-Product Any-Day

Eliminate Working Capital

Pull-Production Without Schedules

No Work-Orders

Mediocracy - Schedule Push/Lean


Often times management will claim to be following the lead of the Japanese or the Toyota production system with their own program.  However, their program continues with a scheduling foundation with an added waste elimination, lean or agile philosophy.  Manufacturing is still push-based, with ERP production scheduling, picking kits, external inspection and labor tracking to a scheduled quantity? 


The bottom line barely changes as their inventory turns move from 4 to 4.1 turns.  All of these lean/agile push-methods are contradictory to the Toyota production system, which is a pull-based, Flow production process. 

Single-Digit Inventory Turns

External Inspection

Labor Based Costing

Fixed-Volume Manufacturing

Issue Materials & Kits

Work Orders


ERP Batch Scheduled Production

No Impact to the Bottom Line

On the other hand, with all of the philosophical theories and Japanese buzzwords currently in vogue, Western management may not understand the strategically different foundations and techniques required to make the transformation and become globally competitive.  JCIT2's mission is to highlight the differences and to provide management teams with the technology and tools to achieve manufacturing excellence.

DFT uses mathematical tools and methods to create a continuous flow process that changes volume and mix on a daily basis.  Since it is demand driven, it enables manufacturers to go beyond the repetitive and fixed volume Japanese production techniques, such as Toyota Production Systems.


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